We sells various types of pretty and good quality hijabs. More muslimah stuffs to come soon. InsyaAllah, we assured to provide you a very best service. Kindly email us for any enquiry saraa.collection{at}gmail.com

Dear Lovely Customers,

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Price stated are fix and not inclusive postage cost (unless otherwise stated)
  2. Purchase order will be sent to you once order is made. Payment must be made within 24 hours after receiving the purchase order
  3. Reservation within 48 hours only. After 48 hours, if no payment is made, your reservation will be cancelled and items will be published for sale. Do inform me if you need to extend the reservation.
  4. If the payment is made via cash deposit/ATM Transfer, please scan and email the receipt or MMS to me.
  5. If you pay via Internet Banking, please put email saraa.collection{at}gmail.com as a notification to us and print screen the receipt and email to me wherever possible.
  6. Please INFORM me immediately (call/SMS) after making the payment.
  7. Cancellation of purchase is not allowed once payment is made. Kindly inform me should you encountered any problems.
  8. Items will be courier to you on the next day after the payment is made (except Saturday and Sunday)
  9. We are not liable for any damage due to poor handling of postage. 
  10. Good sold are not returnable